Monday, November 11, 2013

It's November Already

Fall has arrived and the leaves are almost gone -  off the trees that is. They are still blowing over to the hotel for me to clean up. Leaves make me hope for winter and snow to hold the leaves down :)

I'm still making trips south to my daughters while she continues her divorce settlement with her obnoxious former husband. I was favorable to him until I caught him in so many lies and misdeeds I finally saw the light and he became very unfavorable. I cannot condone breaking the law by anyone even myself. His attitude toward the children who he proclaims is "all he lives for" is beyond belief. At first I believed his stories but then I have witnessed his actions and it does not support his proclamation at all.

We are selling the hotel! I am getting too old to do all the work myself and am looking far a new housekeeper. Part time on call for mornings. If I can find someone reliable again we can increase our occupancy. Right now we are keeping it very limited as the aches and pains I get make it not worth it for my health nor chiropractor treatments. Vacuuming is really tough on my back no matter how I do it. Cleaning the rest of the room and moving the furniture I can handle but the vacuum is possessed and intent on popping my back out of position. The other day I spent a whole day in the yard cleaning up leaves and trimming trees without any consequences and the next day just doing 1 room put me in pain for 2 days. Now today I have 2 rooms to do. Some how I have to over come the vacuum. The good news is even with our limiting occupancy we are still in the black after paying the bills. Hotels make good revenue.

I am still bummed about the political situation in our wonderful country. The legislative branch cannot seem to negotiate anything to get a sensible result. After closing down the government Obama now seems willing to delay the AFHC act until they can get their ducks lined up. Why was that was non-negotiate item. If you call/write to enroll, the data still has to be entered in the web site anyway so it is a unsuccessful idea. If they only did a single payer system the law would not have been over 2000 pages and the regulations over 2000 pages.  It is too big to understand and too big to get interpreted the same by all involved. It seems with the rate increases the good is outweighed by the bad. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. The talk is that it was passed and ok'ed by the courts, but so was prohibition and it was reversed.

Budgeting spending has not been curtailed. The open the government bill spent more on what I call pork. No one is willing to cut anything that is non essential. Why buy airplanes to park in the desert? We have bought bunches of useless stuff but that is ok. Social Security is a new candidate. Maybe the payouts to the high income folks should be curtailed and the payroll deductions not limited by income as well as look at the disabled folks that still work on the side. Medicare too is under attack. It definitely needs to be cleaned up. While I was layed up with my feet, I was contacted to buy an electric wheel chair for only $600 and Medicare would pay the rest of it. For a 12 week stint where I could only use it outside to go to the doctor wasn't worth anybody funding it, but it was declared legit. I got around well crawling every where and only wore out 3 sets of knee pads. In fact the trips to a restaurant was exiting when folks came out to help.

The ceremony dedicating the new VFW monument in Cedarville Park was excellent. If you haven't seen it with the flags up it is worth the trip. It really looks great.

Monday, August 19, 2013


When you work for the government you get a lot of benefits the rest of the population doesn't get and that is why people try to get government jobs. The unions are ok but there should not be any right to strike. Strikes are for people in the public sector to keep businesses from taking advantage of their workers. Union membership should never be mandatory and unions must be forced to obey the rules everyone else has to obey like intimidation is never right, violence is never right and unions must not have special privilege so they can do these things. The law allowing them to do so is wrong and needs repeal.

The Muslim Brotherhood is only an organized mafia and needs to be banned in Egypt like it used to be. If Muslims are peaceful God fearing people why are they shooting others from the mosques? Murder is not one of God's laws but one of the commandments - Thy Shall Not Kill. There is no except when phrase. There are only the 4 words.

If we are shocked about the warring actions of other countries why do we allow the export of arms from our country? Without weapons they cannot have as big a fight. We need to look at ourselves too. Why do we have enough armament to wipe out the entire world several times over? Why are we trying to ban guns from law abiding citizens instead of the law breakers? Is our government afraid of the citizens?

Obama care needs to be stopped until everyone is ready for it. There must be no loop holes to get out of it - including congress and other government workers. The only way it can work is have everyone in.

Why is the FDA allowed and encouraged to approve drugs that kill and try to ban natural supplements that have had no adverse effects. There has only been one incident of contaminated product that caused problems - Ephedra. Prescription drugs kill and maim all the time and the manufactures only get a fine even when they know in advance the kill or maim percent; yet natural supplement manufactures will go to jail or be put out of business. You say it is politics and it is but only because of who we elect.

Teachers are against standardized testing because it might be used to eliminate their employment. If the scores are trending down and are not corrected, our kids are not learning. Isn't school for educating!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


It has been a while since my last post but nothing has really changed. Our government is still ignoring the laws and when caught at it do not get punished so they do it again.

The polio campaign is still fighting to get the vaccine to everyone in the Islamic areas but the Islamic idiots are shooting the workers. They don't really care about their kids catching polio. Whether they are barbarians or just thirst for power it really doesn't make any difference, they do not believe in God either. Maybe we need to jihad them.

Iraq after telling us to get out now wants us back because the rebels are out of control. They still keep inviting them back into the government and wonder why they obey no law. We just keep throwing money in a bottomless pit.

Anybody want to drive on the Bay Bridge after it opens?

How about our super fast train that ignores the proposition and spends our money as they please.

Obama and Gov Brown says all is good (they are still being paid).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The government is still at it.

The push for big gun control is on. Next is the UN Treaty. While the country has other serious problems with spending, the never consider the cost for their legislation or its value.
The government has too much corruption in its folds. That is a problem that needs some big focus. California PUC says public safety is not a priority. The new Bay Bridge never tested the bolts that failed and they are planning to open the bridge anyway. The drug company that was putting out contaminated drugs that the FDA knew about back in 2008 was never closed, fined or anything else until people started dying. To much crime and not enough oversight. just pass a new regulation but still don't enforce the old ones. No one goes to jail.
The public needs to wake up and start writing the people they elected and demand they start representing the people. They have a lot of hearings but not much happens as there are only a few that really want to get something accomplished.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I guess I am not a very prolific blogger as it has been a while but I have some things to get off my chest and it really does not relate to the JnR Hotel as posts here probably should. The hotel is fine. Guests keep coming and the rooms keep getting cleaned for the next guests. It is a lot of work to keep everthing as nice or nicer than the chains even if it costs a few extra bucks. The hotel is for sale. I am almost 73 and it is time to go visit the things the guests keep telling me about. Since I need to be here to serve the guests, I can't go very far or for very long. So if you are thinking of a neat business come take a look. You can control the revenue easily with the open/no vacancy sign. Stay open and folks come. Close up and they don't. Stay closed too long and it takes a while to get going again. Back to what I really wanted to write about.

The government has not only a spending problem but a management problem. If the management could be brought under control the spending could be reined in. There are so many places to cut without hurting the general public. It is only a matter of citizen involvement to overcome the lobby effort of several big business groups. A few examples:

Homeland Security: They have bought enough ammunition for their target practice too keep up their efficiency to last 100 years. They have bought an great number of armored vechicles and caskets. I guess in case their tarket practice gets out of hand. They have several detention centers ready to open. There use seems to be a secret but it could house us because it seems they have much more space than necessary to house real terrorists. They bought xray machines for the airports that are not good for those subjected to them. They are now replacing them a second time. We will see what they have picked out. Radiation exposure does cause cancer. Frequent travelers do not need so much exposure. Are the airports the only place the terrorists might attack? How much do we have to give up to think we are safe. I say think because you really are not safe.

Federal Drug Administration: Their goal is to protect us from bad drugs, medicine and food. So far they are not doing as good a job as other countries are doing. Our health care costs are higher than other countries that have healthier residents. We have a slew of drugs that have beaucoup of warnings about causing death and they often do. We have drug companies with big lobbys constantly bombarding decision makers with demands of drug approvals with misleading clinical trials. They drug companies already know how much to set aside for lawsuits. Remember the compounding pharmacy that was selling their stuff across the country illegially and was a dirty place. It took several years to get them shut down until after folks started dying from their contaminated mixtures. We raid vitamin companies that make bonifide health claims and attack doctors that use methods that show excellent results because their treatments do not use drugs that can be patented. An example is cherries. The manufactures of cherry extract were told it would be classified as a drug and they would have to go through drug trials to get approval to sell the fruit because of the health claims, even though the claims were true. A division of the FDA is the USDA whose job it is to keep the food safe. If you pay attention to the recalls, the product is always on the store shelf before action has begun and people have already gotten sick. Animals are given injections to keep them well in the squalled conditions they are kept in under the guise of we have to make a profit. Free range chickens only have to be able to get outside once a day for a minute or two. I don't think the people think that is really free range. While they make a profit, we suffer. Food has a direct relationship to health. High fructose corn syrup was in use for some time before people woke up and found out that that was one of the reasons they were getting belly fat and diabeties. They even tried to rename it to sugar so the public wouldn't know what they were eating. Regulations are not well enforced. More often than not just a warning letter is sent out and any action is a long way off.

The Federal Communication Commision has a war with industry that never seems to cease. Newspapers, Radio and TV are constantly attempted to be bought out by single corporations decreasing the validity of the news we get to read and hear because they do not want to tell anyone about things that do not compliment their holdings. At every hearing attempts to create new rules are shot down because the communicators are not going to be able to continue with business as usual. Things have really changed over the last decade. A monopoly of the media was not allowed. Now it seems ok. So far no one has yet taken over the internet, but I bet it will happen.

Well enough laundry to air for one day. I have to get back to work and do the book keeping, checking in guests, supervising the contractors to see if the job they did is what I hired them for. I can't tell them how to do the task but I sure can make certin they get what I want them to do done well.