Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

Wow, the year is almost over already! Most everyone is closed today to celebrate and give thanks. I hope you readers all enjoy the day.

There are still wonderful sights and sounds in Surprise Valley. Last night the cows were complaining about something. A rooster was crowing. And a flock of geese flew by. The deer of course visited. I only have seen the black baby deer once though so far in the driveway - so cute.

The Warner mountains are painted white, where the Nevada range has all melted off. We need some more moisture. The lake looks so barren without any water, but its a good time to explore it. There are all kinds of things out there. The rocks are still moving around too! Some freak of nature - wind, frost heave, magnetics, or visitors from the beyond. With a bit of wind it's a good place for Land Sailing.