Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raising the county TOT will do the residents little good as the county will not commit to use it to promote tourism but only fatten the general fund. The general fund has already become a giant rathole as the board spends our money in ways that doesn't promote the county nor increase the tax base but only to fund unsustainable expenses.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Since folks rent a hotel room to sleep, one of the most important aspects of your destination should be a great bed. Jnr Hotel bought all new beds last year that have a 10 year unprorated warrenty. If they have a problem during the 10 year term we get a new one free. I think the company knows they made a great bed. Customers think so too with the great comments we get about the beds.

Another important aspect is location so when you get to your location driving to the store or resturant isn't a requirement. From the JnR Hotel you can walk everywhere. Most everthing is within a block.

Don't miss the tree lighting tonight at the Senior Center. It's always great!