Friday, March 30, 2012

The official squirrel round up was a great success for the Surprise Valley Chamber of Commerce,, and will help us to keep giving away scholarships as well as promote our local businesses. The weather threatened but only occured at night and wasn't bad anyway so all had a great hunt.

There was an acticle posted on and includes some great photos. Check it out.

The weather here is still unsettled. We had a bit of rain yesterday and last night but the sun has returned to give us another great hunt day.

On our web site,, under calendar are the upcoming events including a change in the Fair date. Also under Weather you can check out what is in store. Just remember to check out the NE corner of the state as the weather here is often different than elsewhere. With the valley sitting between 2 mountain ranges we don't seem to get as much rain & snow as anyone else does.

If you are a Rotarian or interested in being one, come to one of our dinner meetings on Wednesday nights at 7pm. We are raffeling off 7 pistols this year at our fly-in and 2 rifles at the fair, a .22 Golden Boy and a .17 Savage HMR with scope. The barrel is really different with its scrolling design and a pretty rifle. You don't have to be there to win.