Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burning Man 2011

It seems that this years Burners are younger and less mature as they are not able to curb their enthusiasm in the evening hours or have empathy for those fellow burners that are sleeping. Maybe it was the weather since their wasn't any devastating dust storms cutting visability to 0. Maybe it was the young age of the noisy ones. Maybe they weren't dirty enough or tired enough from the desert. Maybe they didn't have fun enough or it was too much to turn off. Those that I talked with said the commute off the plaza was reasonably short compared to other years even though the event was at the limit + of attendence and the weather although hot was great. Maybe next year more will follow the burner way.

Monday, September 5, 2011

We need to get the Fair Tax Bills (HR25 & S13) passed. The tax code is too complex for any resonable understanding and therefore easily modofied to give big tax breaks to those individuals and corportations that send in their campaign donations. The Fax Tax Bill is very small and very tight. If you purchase something new you pay the tax that is included in the price. The merchant sends it in for you just like the sales tax colected for the state.
After computing the poverty level of tax it is sent to everyone as a prebate. So you have the dollars to pay the tax on stuff you are going to spend your money on.
The secret to the sucess of this tax is EVERYONE pays it on EVERY new item-no exceptions - the rich, the poor, the old the young, the legal tourist, the legal alien, the illegial alien, congress men and senators, everyone! That is good.
Better yet all other federal taxes are cancelled! Business tax, payroll tax, income tax, corporate tax. The IRS too because their is no tax for them to collect!
Since everyone will have more money without having to pay these taxes they can spend more. Corporations will feel secure hiring again as demand will be up. The Government income will be up since the Fair Tax is spread throughout the economy including the foreigners. Read about it. It is a very novel plan with far reaching benefits.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

There were no new jobs in August per the fed. Ashville, TN - Henderson County cannot find anyone to pick their apples. The need 500-1000 folks. The pay is $15/bin which translates to $15 to $20/hour. They blame their problem on the 1300 + illegal immigrants arrested there.
The fed has to get off its duff and do something. The Fair Tax Bill would increase employment for many. The Fair Tax Bill would increase everyone's pocketbook. The Fair Tax Bill would go a long way toward pulling us out of this recession. Immigration has to be fixed as #2. We either have to deport all the illegals or legalize them and stop the further influx of illegals over our boarders. Our borders are like sieves. No other country has such open boarders. The Mexican boarder fence was stupid and a waste. There are tunnels under the fence. The electronic fence doesn't work as well as it was suppossed to and we just keep giving the contractor more money. The funniest part is the fence isn't even on the boarder.