Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jnr Hotel Hosted Burning Man Participants

The Burning Man Festival was its usual spectacular sight as Burners migrated through Cedarville going to & from the Labor Day weekend plus event in the Black Rock Desert. Travelers in both directions stayed at the JnR Hotel and enjoyed their stay according to their comment cards. They said it was very clean, comfortable and reasonable to low rates. With the street vendors doing BBQs and selling their wares, there were many folks that stopped to shop and eat. The Surprise Valley Chamber with the help of a small grant from Burning Man LLC was able to provide dumpsters and porta-potties for the passing burners.

Folks that checked in were just normal looking folks. When they checked out with their colored hair and burner duds, we almost wondered who they were. On their return everything and everybody was covered in white alkaline desert dust There were some spectacular vehicles built especially for the event - a bus with a deck on top, a firetruck with a fire breathing pipe organ, a pickup with a house and on the house a car, a giant mechanical walking machine, etc. Except for being extremely tired a great time was had by all. Unfortunately there will be no resting up as the next town events start early Friday morning and continue through the weekend. Who said that Cedarville, the last frontier, is a sleepy little town? Well sleepy yes, but just because we can't rest up. Deer hunting starts next. If you want to stay we highly suggest reservations 530-279-2423. It gets busy around here.