Friday, April 1, 2011

Vitality News for March 2011

The latest newsletter from the Modoc Economic Vitality Group has been downloaded to the website. To access it go to, then click on the Calendar Tab. On the calendar page is a red link to the newsletter.

So why is it so hard to get there? We have been running a contest recently involving finding the newsletter, telling us where it is and then getting a discount on lodging.

Spring is finally threatening. The squirrels are running for their lives because the hunters are here after them. Everyone hope the hunters are very successful because the squirrels are a menace to alphalfa farmers. Beside the holes and tunnels all over the place, they eat a significant portion of the crop.

My Facebook page for the hotel is now active too and there is a link on the hotel website that will take you to the Facewbook page. I hope everyone is enjoying all this work - (hotel website), (Facebook Page) and (blog page).

Someday I will add iphone capability to the website, spread the blog to the other places this software works with automatically and other things as I get time.

If you like all or any of this let me know.