Friday, July 8, 2011

It seems that it is good to be a big corportation and pay little taxes, be rich and pay a low tax rate, have an airplane and pay little and yet it is bad to be poor, on medicare, on social security or be on welfare as that is what congress wants to cut bebefits for as well as cut more taxes for the higher income.
If we could only get the fair tax bill passed (HR25/S13) the tax paid would be the same for everyone that bought anything new and all the other taxes would be eleminated as well as the IRS. Of course you say what about the poor? Well everyone will get a refund called a prebate to be able to afford the basic necesities like food. Congress won't budge because they are the rich and like their tax breaks the poor and middle class can't take advantage of. They like their perks like a per diem expense account that is tax free and not deserved for many (pay a housing and food allowance while they are home - why, pay them per diem when they are not really in session - why). They like their retirement program and medical program not ours.
We need to really get mad as hell and really not take it anymore. We need to ask serious questions of the up and comming candidates. We need to withhold our vote for the wrong answers or wrong behaviors. We need to vote. It seems the silent majority is allowing themselves to be hoodwinked into staying silent. The public is being dumbed down.