Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fire FEE

Prop 13 said no new tax without a 2/3 vote so every new tax became a fee. The latest to pass the state fire board was a $90 fee for fire (it started higher). I guess we need another proposition stating that fees are taxes and any other word you can come up with that increases government income.
The legislature would rather give the power to do things like this to the agencies so the voters won't get mad at them. They can claim to be tring to stop or change the fee.

Behaving Badly?

Our elected officials are behaving badly to say the least. Obama is toying with the idea of cutting Social Security cost of living increases by .3%. Not very noticable as it will take 10 years to get a 3% cut. But why is Social Security a target at all. It is fully funded until 2038 and could be easity extended by raising the Social Security tax limit from 107 thousand to 135 thousand ( a 5% increase). Remeber the plan to put your money in the stock market? Look what happened to everyones 401K with recesions etc. Social Security is the old folks safety net. It keeps them out of the street and homeless shelters. Maybe you have saved forever contributing to your retirement accounts and then at retirement your corporation tanks because the stock market crashed again. Where would you be?
Congrssman Paul Ryan says he wants to cut out tax loopholes to pay for proposed tax cuts. Then on the other hand he keeps proposing tax cuts for his campaign contributors.
So why this bad behavior from our elected officials? They all were or have become the rich from the perks and contacts in congress. Tax cuts start at the top of the food chain and spending cuts at the bottom. Does anyone know what is in the black ops budget? It is spread throughout all the departments of your government. Some of it may go for some very good things and other parts very nasty things, but no one seems to know. Maybe this is the best place to do a 100% cut, until the someone knows where it goes.