Monday, August 19, 2013


When you work for the government you get a lot of benefits the rest of the population doesn't get and that is why people try to get government jobs. The unions are ok but there should not be any right to strike. Strikes are for people in the public sector to keep businesses from taking advantage of their workers. Union membership should never be mandatory and unions must be forced to obey the rules everyone else has to obey like intimidation is never right, violence is never right and unions must not have special privilege so they can do these things. The law allowing them to do so is wrong and needs repeal.

The Muslim Brotherhood is only an organized mafia and needs to be banned in Egypt like it used to be. If Muslims are peaceful God fearing people why are they shooting others from the mosques? Murder is not one of God's laws but one of the commandments - Thy Shall Not Kill. There is no except when phrase. There are only the 4 words.

If we are shocked about the warring actions of other countries why do we allow the export of arms from our country? Without weapons they cannot have as big a fight. We need to look at ourselves too. Why do we have enough armament to wipe out the entire world several times over? Why are we trying to ban guns from law abiding citizens instead of the law breakers? Is our government afraid of the citizens?

Obama care needs to be stopped until everyone is ready for it. There must be no loop holes to get out of it - including congress and other government workers. The only way it can work is have everyone in.

Why is the FDA allowed and encouraged to approve drugs that kill and try to ban natural supplements that have had no adverse effects. There has only been one incident of contaminated product that caused problems - Ephedra. Prescription drugs kill and maim all the time and the manufactures only get a fine even when they know in advance the kill or maim percent; yet natural supplement manufactures will go to jail or be put out of business. You say it is politics and it is but only because of who we elect.

Teachers are against standardized testing because it might be used to eliminate their employment. If the scores are trending down and are not corrected, our kids are not learning. Isn't school for educating!

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