Monday, November 11, 2013

It's November Already

Fall has arrived and the leaves are almost gone -  off the trees that is. They are still blowing over to the hotel for me to clean up. Leaves make me hope for winter and snow to hold the leaves down :)

I'm still making trips south to my daughters while she continues her divorce settlement with her obnoxious former husband. I was favorable to him until I caught him in so many lies and misdeeds I finally saw the light and he became very unfavorable. I cannot condone breaking the law by anyone even myself. His attitude toward the children who he proclaims is "all he lives for" is beyond belief. At first I believed his stories but then I have witnessed his actions and it does not support his proclamation at all.

We are selling the hotel! I am getting too old to do all the work myself and am looking far a new housekeeper. Part time on call for mornings. If I can find someone reliable again we can increase our occupancy. Right now we are keeping it very limited as the aches and pains I get make it not worth it for my health nor chiropractor treatments. Vacuuming is really tough on my back no matter how I do it. Cleaning the rest of the room and moving the furniture I can handle but the vacuum is possessed and intent on popping my back out of position. The other day I spent a whole day in the yard cleaning up leaves and trimming trees without any consequences and the next day just doing 1 room put me in pain for 2 days. Now today I have 2 rooms to do. Some how I have to over come the vacuum. The good news is even with our limiting occupancy we are still in the black after paying the bills. Hotels make good revenue.

I am still bummed about the political situation in our wonderful country. The legislative branch cannot seem to negotiate anything to get a sensible result. After closing down the government Obama now seems willing to delay the AFHC act until they can get their ducks lined up. Why was that was non-negotiate item. If you call/write to enroll, the data still has to be entered in the web site anyway so it is a unsuccessful idea. If they only did a single payer system the law would not have been over 2000 pages and the regulations over 2000 pages.  It is too big to understand and too big to get interpreted the same by all involved. It seems with the rate increases the good is outweighed by the bad. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. The talk is that it was passed and ok'ed by the courts, but so was prohibition and it was reversed.

Budgeting spending has not been curtailed. The open the government bill spent more on what I call pork. No one is willing to cut anything that is non essential. Why buy airplanes to park in the desert? We have bought bunches of useless stuff but that is ok. Social Security is a new candidate. Maybe the payouts to the high income folks should be curtailed and the payroll deductions not limited by income as well as look at the disabled folks that still work on the side. Medicare too is under attack. It definitely needs to be cleaned up. While I was layed up with my feet, I was contacted to buy an electric wheel chair for only $600 and Medicare would pay the rest of it. For a 12 week stint where I could only use it outside to go to the doctor wasn't worth anybody funding it, but it was declared legit. I got around well crawling every where and only wore out 3 sets of knee pads. In fact the trips to a restaurant was exiting when folks came out to help.

The ceremony dedicating the new VFW monument in Cedarville Park was excellent. If you haven't seen it with the flags up it is worth the trip. It really looks great.

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