Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The government is still at it.

The push for big gun control is on. Next is the UN Treaty. While the country has other serious problems with spending, the never consider the cost for their legislation or its value.
The government has too much corruption in its folds. That is a problem that needs some big focus. California PUC says public safety is not a priority. The new Bay Bridge never tested the bolts that failed and they are planning to open the bridge anyway. The drug company that was putting out contaminated drugs that the FDA knew about back in 2008 was never closed, fined or anything else until people started dying. To much crime and not enough oversight. just pass a new regulation but still don't enforce the old ones. No one goes to jail.
The public needs to wake up and start writing the people they elected and demand they start representing the people. They have a lot of hearings but not much happens as there are only a few that really want to get something accomplished.

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